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Our Story

“I just accepted the cost of chemical and fertilizer and never really managed or controlled input costs. But with today’s commodity markets, that is no longer an option. E3Expander™ technology gives me and my cooperative a competitive edge in helping my family farm to finally control input costs and still afford air and ground sprayer services from my local agriculture cooperative.” ~NE Farmer


A Nebraska farmer, discovered E3Expander™ while on a trip to Florida where the product was being used on citrus and tomato fields. The farmer got the big idea of using it on Nebraska crops.

Since the farmer’s successful trial run on his own crops in 2013 the product has been tested here extensively, always with the same successful results. Every farmer testing this product spent less money on up-front input costs for chemical and fertilizer/nitrogen while maintaining or even increasing yield.  (To observe Nebraska field trial results go to the Ag Cooperatives page and click on Real World Test Results.)

“When I finally found a product that let me get back in control of my crops and my costs, I knew that every farmer and ag cooperative needed access to this product.”

“So I went into business — the business of talking with other farmers and ag cooperatives here in Nebraska and across the country about the results achieved using E3Expander™. Your results may vary from mine, but when it came to my savings for chemical and fertilizer, E3Expander™ was worth the investment. My savings were several times the price of the product.

“And that brings us to today and the best part of our story.  Which is that this game-changing product is available to every farmer right now. So don’t take my word for it. Click on the “Products” button to view what E3Expander™ has to offer for yourself. Take control. And you will never look back.” ~ NE Farmer

Check out the REAL WORLD Fertilizer Application Formula field trial results from the 2015 season HERE
Check out the REAL WORLD Chemical Application Formula field trial results from the 2015 season HERE

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