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AG Cooperatives

I like the idea of helping producers document the savings from the services of their ag cooperative. Measuring savings objectively with your ag cooperative agronomist and the grower shows value to the producer in terms of savings, and reinforces the value of membership in your ag cooperative.” 
– E3Expander™ customer

Check out the REAL WORLD Fertilizer Formula Field Trial results from the 2015 season HERE
Check out the REAL WORLD Chemical Application Formula Field Trail results from the 2015 season HERE

We are so confident that E3Expander™ will work for your ag cooperative that we will give exclusivity to you and your members for two years (after you are satisfied by a trial period).

Your members will have more choices and access to your chemicals while reducing chemical and nitrogen use on crops by up to 30%. E3Expander™ benefits the environment by use of a non-toxic product that reduces toxins in the soil and in the water.

Even when commodity markets are depressed and lackluster, E3Expander™ will allow your members to continue to work with your business. E3Expander™ will allow your members to continue to use the chemicals and nitrogen/fertilizer that they have come to trust.

Ag cooperatives are a tried and true method and the most efficient way to reach farmers. Ag cooperatives are the most efficient way for farmers to manage their costs and investment in their operations.

The reason that ag cooperatives were created was to provide solutions for farmers in times when no other business would assume the risk. E3Expander™ will help ag cooperatives manage their growers’ exposure to risk of changing commodity markets. E3Expander™ will help manage the risk of increasing environmental demands of water quality and soil management.

Volume based pricing for ag cooperatives.  All E3Expander™ formulas are available for volume pricing to ag cooperatives.

Call us today or send us a note online and we will help find a solution that works for you and your members.

Join the E3Expander™ nano-revolution and never look back.

E3Expander™ Liquid Fertilizer Application Formula Directions
E3Expander™ In-Furrow Fertilizer Application Formula Directions

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