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Cleaner water, lower costs.
E3Expander™ nanotechnology enables growers to use the chemicals and fertilizers they have come to know and trust. Using E3Expander™ can reduce your input costs by as much as 30% while using the same chemicals and fertilizers. Whether you are a farmer or an ag cooperative the benefits are clear. E3Expander™ gives you better control over your costs.
• Drift retardant, up to 19 mph wind
• Reduce chemical application rate by 30%
• Maintain yields with lower fertilizer input costs
• Decreases runoff and pollution
• Non-toxic nanotechnology increases plant efficiency
• Apply via center pivot, sprayer, air or ground
• Better plant hydration
Try it today, see for yourself.

E3Expander™ is chemical compatible and can be used in all of your spray applications, including herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, fertilization, and more.

• Herbicides: E3Expander™ delivers the herbicide directly into the weed through ground sprayer and aerial sprayer applications. Ideal for no-till farming practices. Immediate cost savings without compromising herbicide control and/or yield.

• Pesticides: E3Expander™ delivers the pesticide into the plant, root zone and soil. Due to its ability to redistribute itself through moisture Intelligence, the chemical remains in the treatment area long enough to not only affect the adult pest, but the larvae as well.

• Fungicides: Due to the adhesive properties of E3Expander™, it can effectively keep the fungicide active through drought and rainy conditions, thus making the chemicals more effective for a longer period of time.

• Liquid Fertilizers: E3Expander™ prevents runoff and enhances the delivery of the fertilizer and/or micronutrients faster and longer into the plant.

Fertigation: E3Expander™ is ideal  center pivot fertigation. Reduces runoff of nitrogen and enhances delivery of fertilizer.

• Fertilization: E3Expander™ is ideal for in-furrow and all sprayer applications using fertilizer. Reduces runoff of fertilizer/nitrogen and enhances delivery.

E3Expander™ General Disclaimer

DIRECTIONS FOR CHEMICAL APPLICATION FORMULA (ground/aerial spray applications)
Always read and follow all directions

1. Make sure tank is cleaned and completely flushed.
2. Fill tank to 1⁄2 of the total amount of water.
3. Begin agitation/recirculation.
4. Use 1:300 dilution ratio, or 0.427 ounces per gallon of water.
5. Add E3Expander™ slowly while adding remaining water required.
6. Agitate/recirculate until E3Expander™ is completely dissolved.
7. E3Expander™ in water will appear nearly clear.
8. Add desired chemicals per their directions, while continuing vigorous agitation.
9. Reduce chemical application rate by 30%.
10. Do not breathe spray mist.

Always read and follow all directions
1. Calculate center pivot revolution time to treat the desired acres assuming 1/10th of an inch of water for application.
2. Inject 0.5 gallons of E3Expander™ per acre. (for slow moving pivots add water to E3Expander™ Fertigation Formula and set injection pump accordingly).
3 .Reduce fertigation rate by center pivot injection by 30%.
4. Apply liquid injectable fertilizer immediately following E3expander™ application.


Always read and follow all directions
1. Make sure tank is cleaned and completely flushed.
2. Directions assume a 900 gallon tank.
3. Mixing ratio with liquid fertilizer is 1:300.
4. Mix 3 gallons of E3Expander™ with 300 gallons of water until diluted in tank.
5. Gradually add to tank additional 600 gallons of fertilizer while agitating/recirculating.
6. E3Expander™ is drift retardant to 19 mph wind.
7. Reduce fertilizer application rate by 30% when spraying product.
8. E3Expander™ Fertilizer Application Formula in solution will appear nearly clear.
9. Do not breathe mist.

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